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The SKOTZ Designs Story
The ruffled tuxedo shirt.

It was the Pro Street Dragster epitome of excessive 1970's superfluous fashion design.

A 17th century aristocratic court style that made its way to the mid-to-late 20th century and
found a home at formal occasions, cocktail parties, and weddings. The style evolved, and it was
available not only in basic white, but also in classy black, green, powder blue, and an
assortment of flamboyant colors. Along with the vibrant color choices, the ruffled tux shirt then
made a transition into a casual party accoutrement as well. It was unbuttoned, sans bow tie,
and worn outside the pants and onto disco dance floors, the high-rolling casinos of Las Vegas,
or anytime someone was willing to make a bold personal statement.

So, I've been asked, "Skotz, why did you start making these shirts?"

The absolute easiest answer; non compos mentis. Which is defined as - not of sound mind.

The quick answer: because I wanted to bring back the positivity of loud 1970’s style designs
with their "in-your-face", wide open, and grateful to be alive-no matter what, attitude. Shirts
designed to bring positive vibes even with the coming Apocalypse.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit over the top.

So, here’s The long answer; I did it in memory of a guy I knew since I was a kid, who
unfortunately recently left this world. He was a unique mix of PT Barnum, Elvis, Liberace, and a
South Jersey hoagie shop owner. He made his living making deals. He would show up donned in
his ruffled tuxedo shirt, plaid pants, and chunky gold diamond rings to business meetings
attended by uptight, conservatively dressed executives.

He was always smiling and cracking jokes. He kept his tux shirt unbuttoned down to his navel,
exposing a Miami, Florida tan that beamed back at you. He would extend his jewelry bedecked
hand and say, “How you doin’?!” And he meant it.

The guy never wore anything else.

He was a force of nature, and the ruffled tuxedo shirts he wore which filled his closet created
an aura of positivity that was infectious.

If only for that, it was my decision to keep this style, this energy, alive.

Love it or hate it, it’s here again.

You’re welcome.

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